About us

Copper beech

Lynwood Designs is a family run business. Our love of wood and beautiful fine wooden furniture was the inspiration behind the company. We created Lynwood Designs as a vehicle to produce fine wooden pieces that are both useful and beautiful and that reflect the wonderful richness and vitality of the world's woods.

We take our inspiration from sources such as the Arts and Crafts movement, the Aesthetic movement, Futurist and Modenist movements and Bauhaus designs. Other strong influences include ancient art, the natural world and the scientific model of the world. (Two of us are scientists by training.)

We source timber from many places, but always with a mind to ensure that we do not take wood that is not replaceable or sustainable. Where we do use woods such as mahogany, it will be from vintage samples or reclaimed. We often try to source wood locally and have wood taken from wind felled trees wherever possible.

Our goal is to make unique, stunning pieces that will each delight its owner and following generations.

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