Dark Flow Creation of beauty Jewellery box in mahogany Desk box in linden Desk box in burr oak Desk box in English walnut

Boxes have a timeless appeal, perhaps stemming from an ancient instinctive need to hide or store personal articles.

In particular, those made from solid hardwoods have an almost magical, tactile attractiveness - when exhibiting we find people want to come along just to touch them!

All of our boxes are made by hand entirely from solid hardwoods, either from old stocks or certified sustainable sources; some also incorporate precious metals or semi-precious stones in the design.

Certainly, they make wonderful presents for a special person, and will make fine heirlooms for generations to come.

Only some of our designs are shown here - custom designs to your specification are our speciality.

All boxes are supplied with a quantity of the wax required for maintenance.

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