Linden (Lime) in Northumberland

If you have a particular idea of a design or requirement for a specific piece of furniture why not enquire about commissioning Lynwood Designs to build it?

Whether its a special present or something unique for the home, we can help you realise your dream.

Commissioning an item of furniture means that you get exactly what you want, with you in overall control of the design. Your money is being used exactly how you want it, on design, workmanship and quality, for an object that should exist for many generations.

Your bespoke design can be further personalised by carving or hand engraved silver inlay, precious or semi-precious stones, etc.

For no obligation quotes please contact us, giving as much of the following information as possible:

  • The type of object (box, desk, etc.)
  • Its purpose (e.g. box to hold A4 papers, chest of drawers to hold collectors items, etc.)
  • Approximate size
  • Species of woods to be considered (see woods)
  • Any relevant photographs or drawings
  • Approximate size
  • Personalisation (such as silver inlay, carving, engraving, etc.)
  • Timescale for completion

Please remember that designing and making a high quality handmade piece of furniture can take a while, and can require your patience and understanding - therefore it is particularly important to let us know in advance if the piece is required for a particular event or date.

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