Large Duo tea light holder


Made from two complimentary hardwoods [Spalted beech (Fagus sylvatica) and American black walnut (Juglans niger] with a hand turned aluminium insert

Finished in linseed oil. Overall size: width 10 cm, height 10 cm. (excluding insert)


A simple but effective design that highlights the delicate patterns in the spalted beech.

The aluminium insert serves to isolate the tea light from the wood. Takes standard (40 mm) tea lights.

Spalting is a process by which fungal growth is either deliberately or accidentally allowed to infest wet logs. The growth of the fungus produces attractive coloured lines and patches, that permeate randomly throughout the timber.

The process must not be allowed to progress too far or the wood will loose too much strength and become soft and powdery.

In general, spalting produces the best visual results in lighter timbers, such as the beech seen here.


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