DB6 Desk box in burr oak


This box is made from solid English oak (Quercus robur) with quarter sawn oak sides.

Finished in sun bleached linseed oil. Overall size: width 29 cm, depth 18 cm, height 7 cm.

Design elements

This box adheres to a classical Arts and Crafts style, with simple clean lines.

As a desk box, it is designed to contain writing paraphenalia, photographs and other keepsakes and treasures.


Burr oak is rare, and its distinct grain pattern results from the growth of many small shoots from the trunk which eventually become encapsulated forming a burr or lumpy growth.

The oak tree was sacred throughout Europe, being associated with the god of thunder (Zeus to the Greeks, Tarantis to the Celts, and Thor to the Vikings). Seahenge, a 4000 year old site in on the Norfolk coast, was built from oaks.


£250.00 SOLD

If you would like a similar box made for you please contact us. It usually takes 4-8 weeks to create a new box depending on the design.